The Phenomenon of W24°58’59,43″ N42°07’55,29″

by HR-Stamenov

Opening: Friday 25.10.2013, 20.00
Opening Hours: 26.10. 2013 - 31.10.2013

curated by Sandra Moskova
VFX supervision (Kamen Jordanov)

Free entry  (donations welcome)

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A ghost metro train, which has already been all around Europe, appears in Berlin. It ignores physics, gaps between buildings, space and time. Based on a light phenomenon, “the light hole”, the ghost metro train turns into a travelling myth, which is constituted of the loose artifacts, collected on the way. The train becomes an artifact itself, as it could appear at any public space―unpredictably, unable to be tracked by route or starting point.

HR-Stamenov suggests a light spectacle, as a train literally “appears” inside a building, leaving passers-by unknowing of what they have just seen. The immediate attention, which the installation produces, serves as an illustration of a rather nostalgic gesture, the fascination of observing a train passing by at times when this occurrence is a rare sight. Similarly, it illustrates a spectacle in public space, as it transforms a three-dimensional object―such as a train―into a screen-based visual phenomenon. It is the size, the image and the sound of a real train; it becomes a screen, a motion picture, a blinking advertising sign. Located in the center of Berlin―at LEAP on Karl-Liebknecht-Straße near Alexanderplatz―the Ghost Train is also in constant reference to its original symbolic context. Every couple of minutes a train passes through or stops at the central city station (Alexanderplatz) which the glass-façade of the installation points at.

HR-Stamenov creates site-specific, media, sound and light installations. Recently he exhibited at: Lucca Center Of Contemporary Art (L.U.C.C.A) – Lucca, Italy (2011) Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) Sofia, Bulgaria (2011) Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) Gdansk, Poland (2012), Sofia Arsenal - Museum for Contemporary Art (SAMCA), Sofia, Bulgaria (2012); Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial (LABoral) Cijon, Spain (2013)… his individual projects include: “Space 0 Space” Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, Venice, Italy (2011); City Gallery of Fine Arts Plovdiv, Bulgaria (2012); “PRESENCE”, Studio Tommaseo, Trieste, Italy (2011) “Water, Suppositions and Urbanism”, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Celje, Slovenia (2012).