Jamie Allen and David Gauthier 

Friday 13.12.2013, 16.00-20.00

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A deposit of €5 is required to register a place and will be returned when arriving at the workshop.

About: How do we come to know about things, particularly when they are designed to go unnoticed? Information and meaning need one another, like material and media. What frustrates and unties these binds are the interest of this workshop. How do we convey the unseen, unfelt, experienceable reserves of technologies as they plod along beneath our feet, all around us. How do we meaningfully corrupt, exaggerate and reorganise the meaning we attempt to convey, behind the systems we intend to expose.

PARTICIPANT EQUIPMENT: Base technologies include Arduino and Raspberry Pi’s although no prior experience of either is necessary – please come and discuss! Bring a laptop and a generous mindset. The workshop is free, but a deposit is required to register a place. You’ll get your money back when you show up on 13 December.

PARTICIPANTS/NUMBER: Approximately 12 participants.

CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE is a residency project of transmediale, funded by the Media Arts Section of the Canada Council for the Arts.