Singing the species script

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“Singing the species script”

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A performance by Wojciech Kosma, LLewellyn Reichman, Timothy Murray,Irene Moray and Brian Doose.

whatever the excuse, i’ma do the reading natively, the easy way
easy if i’m living it for you
picking your feelings at once —
courtesy of feeling shit i can read instead of reading your face.
i’ma have your back till i can’t tell them backs apart
singing the species script
how i like me the empathy kaizen

Hovering to find a chance for a grasp.
Close to deadly embrace you remark,
That your urge is to be on an endless search
for a spark.
Compression to be pulled apart,
Veins preparing to get strong and sharp,
In the final it is regardless autarkic?
Or a manic affiliation erotic and offset?
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