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Talk:              12.02.2013, 20:00

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Processing Berlin is an initiative between LEAP and Onformative, a regular meeting, in creative coding, generative art and designing with code.  The event takes the form of a series of lectures with a daytime workshop program featuring one of the participating artists.

The second edition in the series will feature talks by: 

Studio NAND
SoNice Development

Participating Artists

Studio NAND

Studio NAND is a multi-disciplinary design prac­tice exploring inter­ac­tions between society, science and tech­no­logy. They use design as a method to craft enga­ging exper­i­ences, stories and visu­al­isa­tions and work with private and public sector organ­isa­tions with the aim of identifying new ways of using upcoming tech­no­lo­gies. Additionally, they try to foster innov­a­tion and exchange in these fields through work­shops, lectures and our Open-Source plat­form Creative Coding.


Elektropastete is a digital arts collective founded in 2008. They are 6 anillustratophotocoders and 1 typographiconoclast.

SoNice Development

Sonice Development are a Berlin based group of artists and inventors. Their work is focused on drawing-machines and interactive installations that transcend the borders between the digital and the physical, technology and art, ideas and materiality.


Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance
(Berlin Carré 1. floor)
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 13
10178 Berlin


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