Spatial music concert

Journey there. Immersia. There is time enough. Observe the outlines of this place. See its complexities. Descend.
A voice will say, “Those days are gone.” It is a significant moment. The light is changing. Outside it is winter.
Always winter.


22. April 2011 Performance

22–24. April 2011 Installations


Immersia is a celebration of the immersive experience and the poetry of singular focus. The edition featured a performance and an installation across two spaces, each structured around Immersia, a glacial, filmic suite of ambient electronica by Irish composer Linda Buckely, recently released on Ergodos Records.

Vocalist, and regular Ergodos collaborator, Michelle O’Rourke performed a set of slow-burning, introspective works for voice and electronics, ranging from a setting of an ancient Scottish curse by Enda Bates to lush and nostalgic  soundscapes by Benedict Schlepper-Connolly and Garrett Sholdice. Each movement of Linda Buckley’s Immersia serve as an interlude, returning the performance to a state of frozen calm.

The accompanying installation featured a black box space of audio and film by Benedict Schlepper-Connolly, Jonathan Nangle and Linda Buckley will run on loop. The audience was invited to stay for the full duration, to stop, concentrate and allow the heart-rate to slow. Outside, in the main space, a gentle ambience was maintained by low-volume audio by Clive Wilkinson and Garrett Sholdice.

The Ergodos Quarterly Edition

Dublin-based production company and record label Ergodos and LEAP were delighted to announce the start of an ongoing collaborative relationship, which will manifest itself primarily in a quarterly “edition” at the Alexanderplatz space. Ergodos will curate a weekend’s worth of events four times a year, each one built around a particular theme, and featuring performances, installations and presentations concerned with theoretical aspects of sonic arts practices. Central curatorial concerns include the showcasing of work by a pool of distinctive and exciting Irish composers, sound artists and performers, creative exchange and collaboration with local artists and performers, and accessible and intelligent dialogue around sonic arts practices.



Performance for amplified mezzo-soprano (Michelle O’Rourke)
and four-channel playback.

Enda Bates – Invocation – 6’ – Singer + Playback
Linda Buckley – Immersia I – 7’ – Playback
Garrett Sholdice – Recueillement – 10’ – Singer + Playback
Linda Buckley – Immersia II – 4’ – Playback
Linda Buckley – Revelavit – 8’ – Singer + Playback
Linda Buckley – Immersia III –5’ – Playback
Benedict Schlepper-Connolly – Cyan – 6’ – Singer + Playback



Room 1 (Black Box)

A thirty-minute continuous audio mix with occasional film run on the half-hour with attendance for full duration advised. Two speakers.

Mix as follows:

Linda Buckley – Immersia I
Benedict Schlepper-Connolly – Cyan  Film
Linda Buckley – Immersia II
Jonathan Nangle – Winter Tells Lies Film
Linda Buckley – Immersia III

Room 2 (Main Space)

Looped audio at low volume, alternating between two recordings of piano music, interspersed by 3 minutes silence.

Clive Wilkinson – Not – 35’
J.S. Bach / Garrett Sholdice – Ich ruf’ zu Dir – 5’