1. July 2011
18.00-19.30 TALKS; 20.00-00.00 Opening
Martin Fuchs, Peter Bichsel (writtenimages)
Kim Asendorf über „Glitch-Art“

2. July 2011
10.00-18.00 Open Gallery


For their book project “Written Images” Martin Fuchs and Peter Bichsel collaborated with 42 Media Artists from around the world.

Each artist programed an image creating application that interpretated and visualised data from various sources. Every application ran through an auto-generative printing program which generates and compiles high resolution complex never to be repeated images.

To produce the book Written Images, the programs and pictures are hung in a software command chain. These programs visualize internet data-streams or display self-generated content. They are able to save continuously changing images on demand. A specially-designed application controls the image-generating programs that each produce four-page speads in the book, and produce “On demand” an individual book. Each resulting Book (450 pages) is therefore unique.

Martin Fuchs and Peter Bichsel presented their project “Written Images” at LEAP. In addition to talks and presentations there was an installation demonstrating the principle of how the book is produced.

42 A3 prints were on show demonstrating the result of the book software used. A Copy of “Written Images’ could have been pre-ordered at a terminal which will be at LEAP during the installation.



386dx25, Antoni Kaniowski, Ariel Malka, Carl-Johan Rosén,Casey Reas, clone, David Bollinger, David Bouchard, e m o c, flight404, Golan Levin, Jonathan McCabe, Jörg Piringer, Julien Deswaef,Kim Asendorf, kraftner,Leonardo Solaas, Lia, Luke Sturgeon,Marcin Ignac, Marius Watz, Michael Zick Doherty, Mitchell Whitelaw, Moka, Nervous System, Oliver Smith, paolon, Perceptor,rhymeandreason,Ricard Marxer, Roberto Christen,Rui Madeira, Ryan Alexander,Ryland Wharton, Sansumbrella,sojamo, Stefano Maccarelli,Szymon Kaliski, Victor Martins,W:Blut, William Lindmeier, zenbullets.

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