BodyControlled #3 - “creative feedback”

BodyControlled #3 - “creative feedback”
Performances by

(Alberto de Campo, Hannes Hoelzl, Dominik Hildebrand)

(Ann Rosén, Fredrik Olofsson)



Full programme:

Friday, 30.03.2012
8pm (Performances from 9pm)
4 €

Saturday, 31.03.2012
“Good looking music”-WORKSHOP by Fredrik Olofsson. SCROLL DOWN FOR REGISTRATION INFO.

The third edition of the BodyControlled series presents a group of performing artists using diverse feedback procedures as a motor for their performance work.

Known mostly as the result of an audio loop between a microphone and a speaker, feedback can be a powerful and  dynamic creative tool in both visual and sound performances. Each of the artists in BodyControlled #3 uses feedback in a personal way (and at a different level in the processing chain) to either shape their sounds and images, or to create a – relatively – controlled dialogue between them and their instruments.

All performances will be available from 20h CET via livestream on

This edition also marks the start of the BodyControlled WORKSHOPS, with the SuperCollider workshop “Good looking sounds” by Fredrik Olofsson, taking place March 31st.

Saturday, 31.03.2012, 11.00 - 19.00 (with break) @ LEAP

A one day workshop by Fredrik Olofsson about generating strange graphics in the audio programming language SuperCollider [1]. The idea is to not care much about how the code we write actually sounds or works, but rather that it looks cool graphically. We will deliberately perform odd math operations to mess up the audio signals and explore and abuse the scope, plot and post windows as well as draw custom waveforms and spectrograms.

The level of the workshop will not be too advanced and there is no need to be a fluent SuperCollider programmer to make interesting visuals. Bring your own headphones and a laptop with SuperCollider (3.4 or 3.5) installed. If you have trouble installing this software please come half an hour early and we will help.

Workshop language is english.

Please send an email until 27.03.2012 with subject “Good Looking sounds” to The number of participants is limited to 15 places. The participation fee is 25€ per person and must be paid by 29.03.2012 at the latest. After e-mail registration you will receive an email with payment information.


_MG_0024 Knyppel - Ann Rosén, Fredrik Olofsson_