Society for Nontrivial Pursuits - Repurposing devices/code/ideas

Society for Nontrivial Pursuits - Repurposing devices/code/ideas

Saturday, 28.4. 2012
Performances from 20.00
Free Entry (donations welcome)

LEAP presents a performance evening from The Society for Nontrivial Pursuits (Alberto de Campo, Hannes Hoelzl, and students, alumni and associates of the class Generative Art / Computational Art at UdK Berlin, and others) explore the
possibility of spaces of complex systems for experimental performance. They freely combine repurposed elements like analog synthesizers, game controllers, sensors and software with self-built/designed/written hard and soft components.

Society for Nontrivial Pursuits - BERLINJOLINEN-ORCHESTER

The Benjolin is a „bent by design“ analog synth circuit created by Rob Hordijk, which exhibits chaotic behavior in subtly influenceable shadings. GenComp Collective has built a pool of Benjolins to explore the possibilities for ensemble playing. The orchestra is extended with other idiosyncratic sound generators: the Cracklebox (designed by M. Waisvisz), and the Blippoo Box (designed by R. Hordijk)

Tobias Purfürst – foursquared

foursquared is is permanent development. Multilayered sound processes are created by programming conditions for their unfolding in time, and in performance, they are controlled from a pad controller, and at times left to their own random devices.

Sara Hildebrand Marques Lopes – Fidgety Blip

(Don´t play with food).not

For people creating lakes of mashed potatoes, shiplets from croquettes, splitting peas, separating side dishes, sorting out tomatoes, and keeping brussels sprouts in check pouches. A wobbly jello symphony as if from childhood days.

Society for Nontrivial Pursuits - NETZWERKMUSIK

Code-snippets that create algorithmic sound patterns are written live and run on several laptops; the sounds can jump between the laptops; every player gets all the codelets for responding to, extending, and rewriting them … and unamplified laptops can be full-blown instruments!

Karin Lustenberger – Mensch Motoren (film)

On the edge of town, a static camera observes natural patterns in street traffic. Every now and then, moving mechanisms. Two hours of footage were cut into segments and recombined based on self-made criteria. In this temporal
rearrangement, the phenomenon of coincidence whispers a emergent code which in its own way seems to dance.

Rita Macedo - #5912: Once somewhere (film, 2’22”)

This is the first part of the work “Implausible Real”, a series of video snippets which reflect on the concept that the only reliable principle underlying the universe is hyperchaos, as postulated by philosopher Quentin Meillassoux. Each snippet will take place/time in distinct non plausible realities, dealing with phenomena like apophenia (the experience of seeing meaningful patterns in random data), and the the non-necessity of everything, except of
non-necessity itself.


Sara Hildebrand Marques Lopes  Fidgety Blip Society for Nontrivial Pursuits - NETZWERKMUSIK Tobias Purfürst  foursquared